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Industrial Relations in the Platform Economy, Policy Brief for Hungary

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Industrial Relations in the Platform Economy, Policy Brief for Hungary

Autori: Meszmann, T.
Publikované dňa: november 2018


Key points

  • The report outlines experiences and responses of traditional players in the labour market to the platform economy, and provides details on working conditions of platform workers or service providers. Employment, industrial relations, and social dialogue did not appear as a focal perspective in various discourses.
  • In Hungary, work in the platform economy as such is neither defined nor regulated as a separate area. However, regulation is the most important issue at the centre of both discourses and is the main area of interest of platform economy participants.
  • Industrial relations and working conditions in selected platform sectors typically appear as deviating or innovative segments of the traditional sectors or subsectors of local personal transport, housework, and accommodation services. New online technologies influence traditional sectors in their adaptation to the platform economy
  • Platforms typically present themselves not as employers but as innovative, alternative enterprises. Social dialogue in the traditional sectors is weak and, it is weaker in the selected sectors of the platform economy.

With financial support from EC DG EMPL

(ref: VP/2016/004/0041)

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