Peter Katuščák

Peter Katuščák

Research Fellow:
  • CERGE-EI, Prague
Výskumné oblasti:
  • Experimental economics Effect of taxes on labor supply and labor contracts

His experimental research focuses on: (1) behavioral features (such as the effect of ambiguity, gender, phase of menstrual cycle, regret, endowment effect) of bidding in sealed-bid auctions; (2) sales tax and price misperceptions by consumers and their impact on consumer welfare, tax revenue and firm profits. His work with field data analyzed: (1) reactions of taxpayers to changes in tax code that may confuse marginal tax rate with lump-sum changes; (2) how the design executive compensation contracts (base vs. incentive pay) reacts to changes in the marginal tax rate; (3) how personal trust and trustworthiness, as well as their interactions with the average country-wide opposing attitude, affect personal income. His work has been published in Journal of Human Resources, Journal of Economic Theory and CESifo Economic Studies.

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