Jana Javornik

Jana Javornik

Research Fellow Výskumné oblasti:
  • welfare state, comparative social and public policy (focus on work-family policy), female labour supply and parental employment, work-family reconciliation, employers’ initiatives, gender inequalities, people's lived experiences; sustainability,

Jana Javornik is a Work, Care and Global Transitions Fellow at the U. Leeds, with a PhD in Comparative Social Policy from the U. Southampton. She was previously a research fellow at U. Umeå in Sweden, and spent 13 years as a policy adviser to central governments and wider policy-making communities (EC, WB, ILO, UNDP, and more recently with the Scottish Gov & the UK Commission for Employment and Skills). Her research builds on the ‘sustainable societies’ agenda, focusing on the delivery of work-family policies & services and employer engagement across welfare states. She examines the interrelationship between policies and work-family-care arrangements across families, parental employment and inequalities, to understand how individuals’ needs to manage family/care with work could be met in the context of diminishing resources and widening inequalities in a sustainable way. Most of her research has been on the CEE, the Nordic and the UK; her work has informed policies on childcare and parental leave and public/election debates, and has recently appeared in The Economist, The Guardian and The Conversation.

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