Research and policy reports:

CELSI team contributed to the newly published Thematic Review on Fair Transition Towards Climate Neutrality

Our CELSI researchers, Monika Martišková, Katarína Lukáčová, and Patrik Gažo, have made a contribution to the latest Thematic Review on Fair Transition Towards Climate Neutrality written by the European Center of Expertise at the European Commission by writing country articles on Czechia and Slovakia.

CELSI researcher Barbora Holubová contributed to the DG Employment's report on “Gender Equality and Work-Life Balance Policies during and after the COVID-19 crisis”

One of the findings is that the measures implemented during the pandemic were often temporary and did not adopt a gender perspective nor address the specific problems of disadvantaged groups, for example, single mothers and migrant women.

CELSI researcher Lucia Kováčová is the co-author of the fifth quarterly report on COVID-19 impact on industrial relations which has been published under the BARCOVID project

Lucia Kováčová, Armanda Cetrulo and Niels Peuchen worked on the report which adds to previous reports new preliminary results from data mining and text analysis of the newsletter outputs published by the selected stakeholders at the EU level. The goal of these quarterly reports is to address the first research question of the BARCOVID project: “How have the Covid-19 crisis, the state-imposed measures and their consequences affected the industrial relations landscape in EU27 and 5 candidate countries?”

CELSI contributed to the new Eurofound research report regarding emerging practices in collective bargaining

Collective bargaining across the EU has been facing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, green transition and digitalisation.

CELSI publishes new mapping study titled "Mapping the Labour Market Trends and Trade Union Policies for Young Teachers and Other Education Personnel"

The mapping study, published by the CELSI team, analyses the engagement of young professionals in education trade unions, and ongoing union activities for young members, including recruitment strategies and the involvement of young members in the decision-making processes.

ELA report on undeclared work in the personal and household services sector released

CELSI is proud to announce that the European Labour Authority has published a long-awaited report on undeclared work in the care and other personal household services. CELSI team considerably contributed to the report to estimate the prevalence of undeclared work, its drivers, and policy approaches involving preventive and deterrence measures across the EU Member States.

CELSI's updated study for European Parliament's committee on Employment and Social Affairs has been published

The updated briefing paper on 'The social and employment situation of Roma communities in Slovakia' was written by CELSI researchers Barbora Holubová, Martin Kahanec, Lucia Kováčová and Mária Sedláková in collaboration with Zuzana Poláčková from the Slovak Academy of Sciences.

EESDA Project Report: Stakeholders’ views on and experiences with the articulation of social dialogue and its effectiveness (Akgüç, M.; Martišková, M.; Szüdi, G. and Nordlund, C.)

CELSI researchers Monika Martišková and Gábor Szüdi, together with Mehtap Akgüç from CEPS (Centre for European Policy Studies) and Carl Nordlund recently published EESDA Project Report: "Stakeholders’ views on and experiences with the articulation of social dialogue and its effectiveness".

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