Research and policy reports:

CELSI's study for the European Parliament's Policy Department for Economic and Scientific Policy has been published

The European Parliament's Policy Department for Economic and Scientific Policy published a study "The Social and Employment Situation in Slovakia and Outlook on the Slovak EU Presidency 2016" by CELSI's Martin Kahanec and Mária Sedláková.

IZA World of Labor article by Martin Kahanec: Roma integration in European labor markets

The Roma are the largest ethnic minority in Europe—as well as one of the most disadvantaged. A triple vicious circle is at play: Substandard socio-economic outcomes reinforce each other; they fuel negative attitudes and perceptions, leading to ill-chosen policies; and segmentation is perpetuated through (statistical) discrimination.

CELSI Researchers co-author a research report on social protection rights

Social Protection Rights of Economically Dependent Self-employed Workers, as IZA Research Report No. 54, Based on a study conducted for the European Parliament under contract IP/A/EMPL/FWC/2008–002/C1/SC8

The European Commission publishes flagship report "Industrial Relations in Europe 2012" featuring a chapter by Marta Kahancová

The European Commission, Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, publishes its flagship report „Industrial Relations in Europe 2012“ featuring „Chapter 2: Industrial relations developments in the new member states in Central and Eastern Europe“ authored by Marta Kahancová.

A new study on lessons from European mobility authored by Martin Kahanec now published by the World Bank

Skilled labor flows : lessons from the European Union. Social Protection and labor discussion paper ; no. SP 1301. Washington D.C. : The Worldbank.

EC: The 'Study on Active Inclusion of Migrants' with Martin Kahanec as a lead author out now

The Final Report of the Study on Active Inclusion of Migrants resulting from an 18-month project funded by the European Commission has been published by the EC. The Study was prepared by a team of researchers from the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) Bonn and Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) Dublin coordinated by Martin Kahanec.

Martin Kahanec's new research report on Roma inclusion

The Decade of Roma Inclusion: A Unifying Framework of Progress Measurement and Options for Data Collection, IZA Research Report No. 21

Martin Kahanec to cooperate on research report on integration of minorities

Study on the Social and Labour Market Integration of Ethnic Minorities, IZA Research Report No. 16

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