Other publications:

New publication titled "Auto industry in the Hungarian Northern Great Plain" available electronically

The publication assessed new challenges in the world of work, sustainability, digitalisation, automation, vocational training and worker representation in the region, which faces major investments in the last years.

The Office of the Hungarian Parliament compiled a short information note on the topics of wage discussions and social dialogue which featured the research findings within the COLBAR-EUROPE project

The study published in September 2021 referred to the work of CELSI researcher Gábor Szüdi where he compared the clauses of the collective bargaining agreements across the Visegrád countries in terms of wage determination.

Martin Kahanec and Marta Kahancová recently published an essay "Economic Research in the Visegrad Countries: An Insiders’ World on Europe’s Periphery"

CELSI scientific director Martin Kahanec and CELSI managing director Marta Kahancová contributed to the recently published e-book "The Faces of Convergence".

Policy brief: Using administrative data to improve policy making in the CEE

Though public authorities collect a lot of data on citizens and firms in post-socialist countries, administrative data are seldom used for research or to inform policy making. This policy brief explores the reasons and outlines recommendations for a more effective use of administrative data in generating evidence for policy making.

New paper by CELSI research affiliate discusses foreign language demand in Eastern Europe

In a special CEPS report CELSI's affiliated researcher Brian Fabo, together with co-authors Miroslav Beblavy and Karolien Lenaerts explore the demand for foreign languages on labor markets of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through an analysis of unique dataset of job ads gathered from the leading job portals in each of the countries.

New paper on healthcare reforms and impact on bargaining by Marta Kahancová and Imre Gergely Szabó

Acting on the Edge of Public Sector: Hospital Corporatization and Collective Bargaining in Hungary and Slovakia. FP7 GUSTO WP 6 paper, in: Governance of Uncertainty and Sustainability at Sectoral and Territorial Levels, (also as CELSI discussion paper No.1, 2012).

Theories of migration: critical review in the context of the EU East-West flows

Theories of migration: critical review in the context of the EU East-West flows. CARIM AS Best Participant Essays Series 2010/44, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, San Domenico di Fiesole: EUI

Embedding Multinationals in Postsocialist Host Countries

Multinationals in Postsocialist Host Countries: Social Interaction and the Compatibility of Organizational Interests with Host-Country Institutions, MPIfG Discussion Paper 08 / 11, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies (2008), Cologne

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