Main research areas

CELSI conducts theoretical and applied analysis as well as policy evaluation

Work and Organizations

Contact person: Marta Kahancová, PhD.

This research area seeks to understand the current trends in the behavior of organizations and their work practices and relations. Particular attention is given to employment practices in different countries and organizations, flexibility and security at work, as well as economic, social and institutional factors shaping them. To further our understanding of the ongoing changes in work practices, we investigate organizational behavior of multinational firms, interaction between global and local actors in shaping work practices, and cross-border transfer of work norms, standards and practices. We also focus on industrial relations, their Europeanization, and the position and future strategic challenges of national trade unions.

Labour Markets and Institutions

Contact person: Martin Kahanec, PhD.

Within this research area CELSI seeks to advance our understanding of the functioning of the labour market and the effects of labour market institutions on economic and social outcomes. The mechanisms that govern the effects and determinants of wages, unemployment, labour force participation, self-employment, and human capital are studied at both micro and macro levels. Among the covered topics are the functioning of various institutions of the welfare state such as minimum wages, unemployment insurance, and employment protection instruments. The roles of gender and social embeddedness of labour market interactions are given specific attention. Empirically, our research has a particular focus on the labour markets in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the particular conditions of socio-economic and political transformation in the region.

Ethnicity and Migration

Contact person: Martin Kahanec, PhD.

The process of globalization and EU enlargement, interacting with the current economic, social and demographic challenges, puts the questions of migration and ethnicity into the spotlight of scientific and policy discourse. The issues addressed within this research area include the effects of migration on the source and destination economies, circular migration and brain circulation, remittances, labour market segmentation by ethnicity and immigrant status, and discrimination. Adjustment, integration and inclusion of immigrant and ethnic minorities as well as the specific conditions of the Roma and Russian ethnic minority groups are given particular attention.

Business and Society

Contact person: Marta Kahancová, PhD.

The relationship between business firms and the society has been subject to scientific investigation for many years. CELSI conducts behavioral and attitudinal analyses of corporate social responsibility (CSR), the role of different actors therein (i.e., multinational firms, small and medium enterprises, national governments and the civil society), subject areas in the practice of CSR and the fundamental driving forces behind the social and environmental responsibility of business firms in modern societies.

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