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The use of social clauses in public procurement


The use of social clauses in public procurement

Authors: Brunnerová, S.
Published: September 2023
Keywords: sociálne hľadisko; verejné obstarávanie; sociálne verejné obstarávanie; verejná hodnota; zodpovedné verejné obstarávanie


This paper investigates the concept of creating public value through social public procurement. The primary objective is to assess the effectiveness of social public procurement in enhancing public value. The paper is structured into five chapters. The first chapter establishes a theoretical framework, defining and operationalizing public value and public value theory. It also elucidates the concept of social public procurement and explores how bounded rationality, uncertainty, and information asymmetry restrict public procurement actors. The second chapter presents the methodological framework, detailing the data collection and analysis methods employed. Additionally, it outlines the main research question, sub-questions, and hypotheses. The third chapter presents the key findings derived from content analysis and interviews. Finally, the fourth chapter provides an interpretation of these findings, highlighting their significance and offering fresh insights into the ability of social public procurement to enhance public value in Slovakia. While it is too challenging to measure the impact of social public procurement on increasing public value, we identify certain factors that can significantly enhance the likelihood of successfully increasing public value through social public procurement. These factors include the operational capacity of actors involved, their legitimacy, support, and efforts to minimize information asymmetry and uncertainty.

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