Lucia Mýtna Kureková

Lucia Mýtna Kureková

Research Fellow:
  • Slovak Governance Institute, Bratislava
Research areas:
  • Labor Migration and Labor Markets Employment and ethnicity

Lucia Mýtna Kureková (PhD) is a Research Fellow at CELSI. Her research focuses on the topics of labor markets, skill formation and education systems; labor migration and labor mobility; innovative data sources; and industrial, economic and social policy. Lucia has published in these fields and gained research experience in these areas through multiple cross-national collaborative research projects (STYLE, NEUJOBS, ENPI, ICATSEM, KING, SEEMIG). She also works as a consultant and national expert for international organizations, including World Bank, OECD and CEDEFOP, on topics related to VET, skills governance, and social inclusion. Lucia has worked as a senior researcher at Slovak Governance Institute in Bratislava and as a researcher at the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research in Vienna. In 2011, she gained her PhD in political economy at Central European University in Budapest. Her dissertation analyzed uneven migration patterns from Central and Eastern Europe after the accession of these countries to the EU. During her studies, she spent a semester at COMPASS, University of Oxford.

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