The new PERHOUSE project launched on October 6, 2022
The new PERHOUSE project launched on October 6, 2022

CELSI kicked off a new project on 6 October 2022. Together with a broad consortium consisting of seven partners from universities and five EU-level social partners, we will explore how industrial relations can improve the working conditions in the personal and household services in Central European countries (CEE).

Published on
Oct. 9, 2022
On September 21.-23., CELSI researchers attended Trade Union Research Institute conference in Vilnius

Their presentation, called "Trade union responses to decarbonisation and digitalisation in Slovakia and Czechia: short-term gains versus long-term prospects", was based on the results of several research projects in the past two years.

Published on
Oct. 1, 2022
New publication titled "Auto industry in the Hungarian Northern Great Plain" available electronically

The publication assessed new challenges in the world of work, sustainability, digitalisation, automation, vocational training and worker representation in the region, which faces major investments in the last years.

Published on
Sept. 21, 2022
CELSI researcher Tibor T. Meszmann delivered a lecture titled "Conditions and experiences of introducing a four-day working week: international examples, research and initiatives"

Researcher of CELSI Tibor T. Meszmann delivered a lecture titled "Conditions and experiences of introducing a four-day working week: international examples, research and initiatives" (in Hungarian) at the online roundtable discussion "Examining the four-day working week" (A négynapos munkahét vizsgálata) organised by the Labour Section of the Hungarian Economic Association on September 15, 2022.

Published on
Sept. 20, 2022
CELSI contributed to the new Eurofound research report regarding emerging practices in collective bargaining

Collective bargaining across the EU has been facing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, green transition and digitalisation.

Published on
Sept. 14, 2022
On June 10, 2022, CELSI Frontiers Webinar on Critical Perspectives on Precarity and Precarious Work addressed the topic from both the academic and policy perspectives

Is the concept of precarity still relevant, and how has it changed, in the context of digitization and COVID-19? Is the EU social dialogue helpful in addressing precarious working conditions, or is the national social dialogue more suitable for proposing inclusive employment policies?

Published on
July 10, 2022
The future of the automotive industry was discussed in Milan (Italy) with experts on the sector from around Europe on May 27th

Our CELSI expert Monika Martišková highlighted the position of the CEE region ahead of the automotive industry transition. The workshop was organized by Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung and supported by the Italian General Confederation of Labour (CGIL).

Published on
May 27, 2022
We invite you to watch the film summarizing the results of international research as part of the project "Bargaining for working conditions and social rights of migrant workers in CEE Countries

Are you curious how the CEE Countries authorities, entrepreneurs and trade unions are reacting to the growing immigration from Eastern European countries?

Published on
May 12, 2022
ELA report on undeclared work in the personal and household services sector released

CELSI is proud to announce that the European Labour Authority has published a long-awaited report on undeclared work in the care and other personal household services. CELSI team considerably contributed to the report to estimate the prevalence of undeclared work, its drivers, and policy approaches involving preventive and deterrence measures across the EU Member States.

Published on
March 11, 2022
A statement on the war in Ukraine by CELSI leadership

We strongly condemn the war and we call on President Putin to bring his troops back to Russia now!

Published on
Feb. 24, 2022

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