Anna Baranowska-Rataj

Anna Baranowska-Rataj

Research Fellow Research areas:
  • Youth Labor Market Integration, Female Labour Supply, Fertility Consequences

Anna Baranowska-Rataj is an Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology and Center for Demographic and Ageing Research (CEDAR) at Umeå University. Her current research interests processes concern at the intersection of labour market, family as well as health and well-being of family members. Currently she leads the project "The effects of unemployment on health of family members" (HEALFAM) financed by the ERC Starting Grant. This project examines how transitions to unemployment trigger diffusion of ill mental and physical health within families. She is also the principal investigator of the project titled "When and where is it possible for young workers to escape from low-wage jobs?" financed by the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskaprådet).

Most recent publications:

  1. Baranowska-Rataj A. (2014) “Decomposition of trends in non-marital childbearing in Poland”, Population 69(2): 269–284.
  2. Mynarska M., Baranowska-Rataj A., Matysiak A., (2014) “Free to stay, free to leave: Insights from Poland into the meaning of cohabitation”, Demographic Research 31 (36).
  3. Baranowska-Rataj, A. (2013) “What Would Your Parents Say?: The Impact of Cohabitation Among Young People on Their Relationships with Their Parents”, Journal of Happiness Studies 15(6).
  4. Baranowska-Rataj, A., Matysiak, A., Mynarska, M. (2013) “Does Lone Motherhood Decrease Women’s Happiness?: Evidence from Qualitative and Quantitative Research”, Journal of Happiness Studies 15(6).
  5. Gebel M., Baranowska-Rataj A. (2012) “New inequalities through privatization and marketization?: An analysis of labour market entry of higher education graduates in Poland and Ukraine”, European Sociological Review, 28(6).
  6. Baranowska-Rataj A., Unt M. (2012) “Is it worth becoming an engineer in Central and Eastern Europe?: The evidence from Poland and Estonia”, European Sociological Review, 28(6).
  7. Baranowska-Rataj A. (2012) “Trash contracts? The impact of temporary employment on leaving the parental home in Poland” Studia Demograficzne 158(1).
  8. Baranowska A. Matysiak A. (2011) “Does parenthood increase happiness? Evidence for Poland”, Vienna Yearbook of Population Research.
  9. Baranowska A. Gebel M., Kotowska I.E. (2011). “The role of fixed-term contracts at labour market entry in Poland: Stepping stones, screening devices, traps or search subsidies?” Work, Employment and Society 25(4).
  10. Baranowska A. Gebel M. (2010). “The Determinants Of Youth Temporary Employment In The Enlarged Europe. Do labour market institutions matter?” European Societies 12(3).

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