Martin Kahanec Joins Talks on Ukrainian Peace Formula Ahead of Global Summit

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Martin Kahanec Joins Talks on Ukrainian Peace Formula Ahead of Global Summit

Published on June 6, 2024


CELSI's co-founder and scientific director Martin Kahanec participated in consultations organized by the Office of the President of Ukraine to discuss the Ukrainian Peace Formula. This significant meeting, chaired by the Head of the Office, Andriy Yermak, and Deputy Head Olena Kovalska, was convened in preparation for the Global Peace Summit in Switzerland.

Besides the imperatives of peace, security, freedom, and territorial integrity of Ukraine, Kahanec emphasized the imperative of fostering Ukraine's resilience, inclusivity, and sustainable prosperity, urging resolute support from the international community. He underscored the need for comprehensive efforts in rebuilding infrastructure, education and science, health, the labor market, the economy, and other vital domains to ensure Ukraine's success.

Furthermore, he stressed the critical importance of strengthening civil society and human rights organizations, particularly in a society grappling with the aftermath of war atrocities, forced displacement, health and mental health traumas, and other impacts of the war.

"An inclusive labor market and equitable representation of workers, employers, and all other stakeholders are fundamental prerequisites for Ukraine's resilience, prosperity, and sustainable development," Kahanec highlighted.

He emphasized that Ukraine's journey towards peace must include integration with the European and trans-Atlantic community, while also seeking pathways for collaboration with all members of the international community committed to peace.


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