Martin Kahanec gives a lecture at Academia Europaea annual conference

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Martin Kahanec gives a lecture at Academia Europaea annual conference

Published on Oct. 10, 2023


CELSI’s co-founder and scientific director, Martin Kahanec, delivered a lecture on "Making Sense of New Economies" at the "Research Frontiers in the Social and Human Sciences" class meeting during the 2023 Annual Conference of Academia Europaea, held at Ludwig-Maximillian-Universität in Munich.

In his capacity as the section chair of AE's "Economics, Business, and Management Sciences" section, Martin extended a warm welcome to the newly elected members in his Section.

Key takeaways from Kahanec's lecture included insights into the ever-evolving economic landscape, driven by technological changes and institutional shifts. These include a range of new economies, from those created by the digital and green transitions, through platforms, blockchain, and biotechnologies, to AI and space tourism. He emphasized the importance of embracing and adapting to these changes, viewing them as opportunities while addressing their associated challenges and risks.

Furthermore, Kahanec highlighted the role of economics in understanding and tackling the challenges emerging in new economies and economic interactions. He stressed the need for a holistic, mixed-methods, interdisciplinary approach to analyze complex, interconnected phenomena in today's dynamic economic environment.


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