JUSTMIG: Sustainable and socially just transnational sectoral labour markets for temporary migrants


2023 - 2025

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This project has received financial support from the European Union

In recent years, a pattern of permanent reliance on temporary employment of migrant workers has grown significantly across the EU – especially in some sectors such as construction, care, transportation, and manufacturing. In most EU Member States, industrial relations actors struggle with problems of declining regulatory influence and deteriorating organisational capacities. Additionally, social partners and institutions find it extremely challenging to regulate sectoral labour markets where precarity and “transnationalised” vulnerability have been growing.

The JUSTMIG project combines innovative research and data collection on labour market dynamics in both service and manufacturing sub-sectors across 6 EU Member States where fixed-term contracting of migrant workers occurs, and 3 EU candidate countries that are source countries for workers. In addition to the analyses of sectoral labour markets and employment relations, the 8 expert consortium partners will develop evidence on the adjustment of industrial relations structures in the selected countries in response to increasing employment of migrant workers on fixed-term or outsourced temporary contracts. The project addresses and involves social partners and labour market institutions throughout the project with the application of an innovative participatory methodology. In addition to utilising in-depth interviews and other applied research methods of secondary analyses on new labour market realities within sectoral case studies, the project contains dissemination and awareness- raising activities, workshops for national and transnational networking, information provision, and best practice exchange among social partners, as well as a final conference for a broad audience. The project will also result in high quality academic manuscripts for an edited volume.

Project partners:

Centre for Development Evaluation and Social Science Research (CREDI)

De Burcht Foundation

European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research

Jyvaskyla University

Peace Institute

Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Belgrade

University of Tartu

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