Diskusné články

Diskusné články (2018)

CELSI Discussion Paper series is a flagship of CELSI’s academic endeavors. Its objective is the dissemination of fresh state-of-the-art knowledge, cross-fertilization of knowledge and ideas, and promotion of interdisciplinary dialogue about labour markets or broader labour issues in Central and Eastern Europe. Contributions from all social science disciplines, including but not limited to economics, sociology, political science, public policy, social anthropology, human geography, demography, law and social psychology, are welcome. Please read the submission guidelines and use the submission form and checklist.

Číslo Titul a autori Dátum PDF
49 Cultural Change and the Migration Choice Lanati, M. and Venturini, A. Feb 2018 download PDF
48 How Immigrants Helped EU Labor Markets to Adjust during the Great Recession Kahanec, M. and Guzi, M. Jan 2018 download PDF