Diskusné články

Diskusné články (2013)

CELSI Discussion Paper series is a flagship of CELSI’s academic endeavors. Its objective is the dissemination of fresh state-of-the-art knowledge, cross-fertilization of knowledge and ideas, and promotion of interdisciplinary dialogue about labour markets or broader labour issues in Central and Eastern Europe. Contributions from all social science disciplines, including but not limited to economics, sociology, political science, public policy, social anthropology, human geography, demography, law and social psychology, are welcome. Please read the submission guidelines and use the submission form and checklist.

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19 State dependence in Swedish social assistance Andrén, T. and Andrén, D. Okt 2013 download PDF
18 Mobility in an enlarging European Union: Projections of potential flows from EU's eastern neighbors and Croatia Fertig, M. and Kahanec, M. Okt 2013 download PDF
17 Is Deregulation Necessary? The Effects of Employment Protection on Unemployment Avdagic, S. Sep 2013 download PDF
16 An Empirical Analysis of Welfare Dependence in the Czech Republic Guzi, M. Sep 2013 download PDF
15 Parties, Unions, and Activation Strategies: The Context-Dependent Politics of Active Labor Market Policy Spending Tepe, M. and Vanhuysse P. Aug 2013 download PDF
14 The Effect of Migration Experience on Occupational Mobility in Estonia Masso, J. , Motsmees, P. and Eamets, R. Júl 2013 download PDF
13 Poland: Employment Relations and the Crisis... of its Neighbours Meardi, G. and Trapmann, V. Jún 2013 download PDF
12 National minimum wage and employment of young workers in the UK Tena, J.D. and Fidrmuc, J. Jún 2013 download PDF
11 The Impact of Socio-economic Shocks on Collective Bargaining and Social Dialogue in Slovenia Klarič, M. and Stanojević, M. Jún 2013 download PDF
10 Mapping out social worlds by states of mind in Europe Sandu, D. Jún 2013 download PDF
9 Labor Market Laws and Intra-European Migration: The Role of the State in Shaping Destination Choices Palmer, J. and Pytlikova, M. Máj 2013 download PDF
8 Self-employment and Small Workplaces in the Czech and Slovak Republics: Microeconometric Analysis of Labor Force Transitions Vozar, M. , Pertold, F. and Nikolovova, P. Máj 2013 download PDF