TRUE EUROPE: Trust in Relations between Unions and Employers in Europe


2023 - 2025

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The TRUE EUROPE project focuses on research on trust between employee and employer representatives, using a comparative approach. The overall objective is to identify and link the determinants of trust to the functioning and outcomes of collective bargaining. That is, we seek to explore the foundations, forms and effects of trust by drawing on research on social dialogue in industrial sectors. The sectors covered include industry, banking and finance, and transport. The focus on trust is in relation to A) Digitalization/new technologies at the workplace; B) Skills and training; C) Occupational health and safety = to go beyond core collective bargaining issues.

Countries involved: CZ, AT, IE, LT, SE, SK, RO, RS

An important dimension of the project is the application of research findings into practice, where social partners will seek ways to increase the coverage of collective bargaining at national and sectoral level through co-creative workshops. This activity is directly related to the European Directive on minimum wages and collective bargaining, which obliges Member States to prepare action plans to increase the coverage of the collective bargaining.


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Project partners:

Linnaeus University

Dublin City University

Lithuanian Centre for Social Sciences

Bucharest University of Economic Studies

University of Belgrade

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